La grande paura per Conficker del 1° Aprile è passata senza grandi eventi, nessun sito conosciuto è andato giù, nessun danno particolare…

Sembra che l’infection rate sia di circa 1 milione di infezioni contro quelle stimate che dovevano arrivare a 9 milioni.

There is also the possibility of selling Conficker’s army of infected computers, but that could prove problematic due to the amount of attention it generated. Right now, countless members of the security community, including the Conficker Cabal—formally known as the Conficker Working Group—are keeping tabs on the worm. Even with 50,000 domains in question, those domains are being closely monitored and any malicious servers will likely be noticed before long.

“Given the profile of Conficker, I think it’s rather unlikely that the botnet is up for sale,” said Roel Schouwenberg, senior anti-virus researcher at Kaspersky Lab Americas. “Not a lot of people out there would like to handle such hot property, as the botnet is being watched by a lot of people. However, leasing [parts of] the botnet is a different story. That way the leasers would get the advantage of the power of the botnet, but the owners would still be running the risk.”

Sembra però che in realtà questo virus stia infettando silenziosamente la rete senza dare nell’occhio per raggiungere un grande numero di sistemi infetti e creare una grossa botnet piena di computer zombie.

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