Ecco un ottimo software che consente di convertire film per i dispositivi mobili come l’ HTC Touch HD, supporta inoltre numerose altre funzioni…

Riporto il changelog dell’ultima versione:

Version 2.3:
– A new codec named Lavc+, with more quality than Lavc, but a 30% more conversion time.
– Now in options form you can set output resolution ratio (not only Full or Crop to Device)
– You can make your own video settings profiles. Examples: HD Quality, HD TV Series, PSP, Diamond crop to Device, Diamond 16/9, etc.
– Now you can multiselect files in pending videos queue. After that, you can delete, move, or apply a profile to all the selected videos.
– A new button added, to deselect all files in pending videos queue.
– In the pending videos queue, now shows codec, bitrate, and output resolution.
– The buttons in main form, are enabled or disabled according to actual situation.
– A new button added in the Edit Page, to enable or disable video preview.
– Dutch language added.

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