Proteggere i vostri bambini dai contenuti espliciti che sono presenti su Internet può essere un compito difficile, allora vediamo alcune soluzioni che possono aiutare a filtrare i contenuti pericolosi

Blue Coat K9 Web Protection è una soluzione free eccellente di content filtering per il vostro computer. Il suo scopo è quello di fornire un’esperienza di navigazione sicura e di dare a voi il controllo totale di ciò che i bambini possono vedere.

K9 Web Protection implementa la stessa tecnologia enterprise-class utilizzata dai clienti Fortune 500 Blue Coat’s.

Ecco le caratteristiche che lo rendono diverso dagli altri programmi (in inglese)

  • Service-based filtering – Blue Coat’s filtering database operates as a service. It receives and rates over 80 million requests every day, making it the most accurate content filtering database available. This accuracy is important in protecting your family, given the Internet’s rapid changes and growth. Plus, there is no database to download. K9 Web Protection won’t clog your Internet connection, get “stale” or out of date, or slow down your computer like other products do.
  • Dynamic Real-Time Rating™ (DRTR) – Blue Coat’s patent-pending DRTR technology is a very powerful element in our solution, and is vastly different from the old-fashioned “key word filtering” that is so frustrating to users. Using a method of statistical analysis and artificial intelligence to rate new or previously unrated Web pages, DRTR can determine the category of a URL on the fly, without human intervention. However, DRTR only renders a rating when it is confident that it has reached an accurate conclusion.
    We’ve focused DRTR on recognizing the kinds of categories most likely to be blocked. In particular, DRTR is highly accurate in blocking pornography and other “adult content” sites. This focus for DRTR is particularly important because these kinds of sites are constantly – daily and even hourly – popping up on the Internet, and no static database can keep up.
  • Automatic updating – Automatic updates of the K9 Web Protection application ensure that you are always protected by the latest features. For example, in Spring of 2005, we added two new categories to our solution: Spyware/Malware Sources, and Spyware Effects/Privacy Concerns. By electing to block sites in these categories, your computer’s rate of infection by unwanted software can be reduced dramatically. We have a variety of new features planned, and your K9 installation will automatically receive updates that include them.
  • Efficient caching – K9 Web Protection is a product from Blue Coat. Blue Coat is recognized world-wide as expert in high-performance caching and secure proxy technology. We take advantage of that expertise in K9, so your Internet experience is as fast, reliable, and safe as we can make it.

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Compatibile con Windows 2000, XP, Vista e Mac.