Settemaxer è un utility free per ottimizzare alcuni task di Windows 7 che altrimenti richiederebbero varie modifiche al registro di sistema….

Come anche tutte le applicazioni per Windows 7 anche questa è in Beta version, se non riuscite a lanciarla, provate a lanciarla con privilegi amministrativi (come amministratore del pc).

Ecco l’elenco delle caratteristiche:

  • Optimizes the menu show delay: Sets delay value of menus to 0 in order to have OS navigation faster.
  • Optimizes Wait to Kill Services Timeout: Sets its value to 1000 in order to shorten shutdown/restart duration.
  • Optimizes Wait to Kill Applications Timeout: Sets its value to 1000 in order to shorten shutdown/restart duration.
  • Optimize Application Response Timeout: Shorten Application tmeout when an application is not responding in order to restart or end it faster.
  • Enable Auto End Tasks: Enables closing the applications all together when shutdown/logoff/restart signal has been sent.
  • Enable Desktop Composition: Enables Windows Aero interface even Windows Experience Index could not be started/completed or probably is not enough to enable it.
  • Disable AutoReboot on Crash
  • Disable Task Scheduler
  • Disable Remote Registry Access: It can be useful to protect
    the registry
    disabling of remote access if it is not needed to use.
  • Disable User Access Control: Although this can be done from control panel, people who are not comfortable with it can easily do it here.
  • Disable Windows Defender: Disables
    Windows Defender
    if you prefer not to use it.
  • Fix Settings for Windows Live Messenger: For WLM 8.5, it may resolve some login problems on proxy server.

Download SetteMaxer fr Windows 7