TouchLockPro un comodo programma per bloccare / sbloccare il vostro palmare (e non solo), è arrivato alla versione 1.7 e risolve alcuni bugs presenti nelle versioni precedenti…

Ne avevamo già parlato noi QUI

Ecco il changelog completo

Several measures/improvements have been done:
* No longer set PowerPolicyNotify PPN_UNATTENDEDMODE, to catch power off events
* Suspend via simulation Power off button instead of SetSystemPowerState POWER_STATE_SUSPEND
* Different locking mechanism for “LockTouchPanelOnly = 1”. With this mechanism I do no longer need to reapply the lock regularly.
* I do not know if this works for all phone variants (e.g. CDMA), so please TEST!
* Only disable input immediately at resume
* Nice TouchLockAction icons, provided by MysticGenius (the settings are not available yet, so this button is disabled)
* The light sensor is closed when the phone gets unlocked
* The default settings are written in the registry, when they are not there (as part of the upcoming Settings screens in TouchLockAction)

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