Nokia ha recentemente reso disponibile tramite il Nokia Software Update il primo aggiornamento per il nuovo N85  qui riportiamo il changelog:


  • Characters in memory card not-present prompt note are not localized
  • Headset – volume-adjustment is not working properly
  • Video disturb happened, once some other event happened during play fone TV on full screen
  • Bluetooth name cannot be defined in camera application
  • “Video call” is shown in Options when highlighting a contact in Space UI
  • Not detecting always wall charger -> Not charging
  • 2G cannot connect to GPRS service in some cities in China
  • Non stop Music Player “Library update”
  • FMTX: The audio is routed to DUT speaker after receiving a message when FM transmitter is transmitting audio
  • Predefined contacts does not support Chinese characters
  • APN setting for Vodafone Mobile connect “Promt Password is set to Yes”
  • Audio >>> downlink quality
  • Some of the S60 key presses are not registered by device
  • Network level icon is not shown during VT call
  • ITU is not responding when MO is done where slide is closed and opened when call is established
  • Long press of Media keys prev/next not working correctly for local videos
  • DTMF tones sent from prepaid line to *700 (or *500) are not received by NW
  • OFR_opo-up at boot about positionning
  • Orange enterprises APN is used by default in the email Wizard
  • Pod cast: messed up characters
  • All key presses are not registered by device
  • GSM/WCDMA – OTC – NW lost after handover with open data connection
  • general instability, improved
  • Headset – volume-adjustment is not working properly
  • Battery KPI: Battery stand by measurement is too high
  • CSD – Data transmission breaks on HSCSD calls
  • [DRM Free][ID_MUP_FreeFTMD_102] Mp4AacM4A file cannot be played by the device (34047)
  • Some KPI – Results are out of range
  • FTP: Speed download to low
  • [TPRO] Wap Live browsing : Access Time to the Home page is too long (34970)
  • 3G Network lost forever after cell reselection from 3G > 2G with an active PDP context
  • VARIANT – Operator RSK (live! icon) appears too small and distorted when in landscape in mode (VCP)
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